Lecture given by Ph.D. Jara

September 02, 2021

Within the framework of the Cycle of Research Talks 2021, organized by the School of Electrical Engineering of the PUCV, the academic and Head of the Civil Telematics Engineering career of the Department of Electronics of the Federico Santa María Technical University (USM), made the exhibition called “Facing the impending capacity crunch in worldwide optical network communications”.

The appearance of several applications based on Internet technologies requires a greater volume of data transmission. This has caused a considerable increase in the demand for bandwidth to the telecommunications infrastructure, especially in fiber optic networks. So far, communication technologies have been able to meet this demand. However, in recent years researchers have recognized the threat of a capacity collapse in these networks, because their transmission capacity is not unlimited. This collapse affects all communication networks, both wireless and wired. This situation means that telecommunications network architectures must evolve to meet this incessant growth in demand for bandwidth, and thus avoid negative consequences for their users.

What can we do about it? Is it possible to evolve our telecommunications systems to cope with this potential collapse in capacity? How would it affect each of us if we cannot avoid this problem?

The lecture poster could be seen HERE